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What is a KEYWORD DOMAIN and WHY should I buy it?

Acquiring exact-match keyword domain names provide many benefits. First of all, they can capture pre-qualified, targeted leads without any SEO and without any web rankings. A lot of people still type their search terms directly into their browser, and a percentage of those people will type their search with a .com or into their browser.

For example, rather than going to Google and searching for “restaurants in London” a certain number of people will simply type in into their browser first, to see what’s there. The restaurant owner who had enough foresight to buy that domain name reaps the benefits, while all the other restaurant owners in London can only hope to show up in the search rankings.

A second key benefit of keyword domain names is increasing organic search traffic. One of the many factors in the algorithms of the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is the domain name itself.

Exact-match keyword domain names are considered to be the most relevant, and as a result, websites with keyword domains tend to rank higher than websites without keyword domains for exact match searches. In fact, the Search Engine Ranking Factors report - an annual survey of experts in the SEO field ranked keyword use in the root domain name as the third highest ranking factor for on-page optimization.

A third key benefit of keyword domain names is increasing click through rates. People are more likely to click on your website if they see a keyword domain in the URL when compared to other URL’s that show up in the search results.